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12 Best Beach Clubs In Kiev And Suburbs

                       Summer - 2016:

1.Olmeca Plage

Adress: Kiev, Dolobetsky Island

Tel. :+38 (044) 232 22 44

Working hours: 24/7

GPS: 50.45296834, 30.57156086

This is maybe the most popular beach club in Kiev. It has a big pool, three volleyball courts, one playground for children and a massage salon. Two gourmet restaurants offer a wide range of grill dishes, salads, and soups, in other words - healthy and tasty food. The complex has a marina, so it is possible to sail to there. It often holds parties hosted by show business stars and organizes various festivities. The entry itself is free, but you have to pay for a beach-lounger, and the prices vary depending on its location. A beach - lounger on the sand beach costs 200 UAH; by the pool - 300 UAH on weekdays and 400 UAH on weekends and holidays. Or there’s another option –more comfortable soft beach baskets. Bigger one suits for three persons and costs 1200 UAH on weekends and holidays and 900 UAH on weekdays, smaller – for two people - 900 UAH and 700 UA respectively. It is desirable to call in advance to check prices. The club is located on Dolobetsky Island served by metro station Hydropark. It is best to go there by car. Parking in the complex is free of charge.


     2. Bora Bora Beach Club Kiev

     Adress: Kiev, Dolobetsky Island

     Tel: +38 (067) 353-34-54

     Working hours: 10:00 –

     till the last client leaves

     GPS: 50.45144496, 30.57199001


One more popular beach club in more or less the same location. Here you will find two swimming pools, surrounded by comfortable bungalows and palm trees, and a sandy beach of the Dnieper river with a range of beach-loungers. Renting a beach -lounger here costs 200 UAH. Renting  a bungalow is 400 UAH per weekday and 500 UAH on weekends and holidays, and it is suitable for 4 persons. In the complex there is also a court for beach volleyball, jet skis and a dance floor with natural wood flooring. The local restaurant serves seafood, sushi, barbecue, salads, sandwiches and many other delights. On Fridays and Saturdays the place functions as a night club.


3. City Beach Club


Adress: Kiev, 176, Antonovycha Street (metro station Lybidska)

Tel:  +38 (066) 629 55 55,  +38 (067) 453 50 50

Working hours: 9:00  - till the last client leaves

GPS: 50.41190885, 30.5228734

This club is a new type of urban beach resort, located on 3000 m2 roof of the popular shopping center «Ocean Plaza», practically in the centre of the city. It has two swimming pools, three bars, and often organizes loud parties with Ukrainian show business stars performing on a big scene. Here you will be offered an excellent cocktail menu and exclusive main menu, especially desserts designed for the club by Ukrainian restaurateur Valery Sozanovsky.  Except for parties the club sometimes broadcasts football matches and shows movies on the open screen. To rent a deckchair on weekdays will cost 100 UAH, on on weekends and holidays  - 200 UAH, you can also book a bed for four (400 and 800 UAH respectively).


     4. «Trukhaniv» Beach Club

     Adress: Kiev, Trukhaniv Island,

     20, Parkova Doroga Street

     Tel: +38 (044) 279-80-29

     Working hours: 10:00 – 20:00

     GPS: 50.45326891, 30.55287123

The club provides two swimming pools – one adult and one for children. You can lie on deck chairs or in hammocks, which is quite unusual in Kiev. Children can enjoy a free waterslide, and there’s also a big private sandy beach on the Dnieper River. Jacuzzi, barbecue, table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, darts and board games – everything here is included in the price. There are also tennis courts to rent. The complex has a restaurant and bar, but it is allowed to bring  food and drinks and even use your own grill. The club is located on Trukhaniv Island, two kilometers from the Peshehodnyj bridge; it is better to go there by car. Entrance costs 150 UAH.


Beach Clubs Outside the City:


5. Biruza Beach Club

Adress: Kiev Oblast, the Pidhirtsi village,

1, Ozerna Street

Tel: +38 (093) 323-76-76

Working hours: 10:30 - 22:00

GPS: 50.25422988, 30.55596113

Beach complex “Biruza” is a half-hour drive from Kiev in a convenient location near Dnipropetrivs’ke Highway. It has a nice swimming pool, surrounded by comfortable bungalows and sun loungers. The local restaurant offers classic salads, cold soups, burgers, pizza, European cuisine dishes and a large variety of cocktails and alcohol. Nearby there are two small lakes, where you can go waterskiing. For children there is a small pool with water slides and a separate children's playground, however, it is very small. On Saturdays and Sundays club music is performed here by DJs. The cost of sunbeds is 100 UAH, and bungalows - 600 UAH.


6. «Lobster» Beach Club


Adress: Kiev Oblast, the Pidhirtsi village

Tel.: +38 067 555-25-25

Working hours:   9:00 - 22:00 (24/7 on weekends)

GPS: 50.24772632, 30.56102514

This is a large complex of 7000m2, consisting of a beach, pool, sports complex and a restaurant. Entrance to the beach costs 250 UAH from Monday to Thursday, and 350 UAH from Friday till Sunday and on holidays. This price includes a lounger with umbrella and a towel. You don’t need to pay for children under 7 years, and only half price for kids from 7 to 12 years (in that case they are not provided with separate sunbeds). Local restaurant serves dishes of European, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. The sports complex is open from 10-00 to 19-00 and offers gymnastics and judo lessons, held in a specially equipped tent or directly on the shore of the Blue Lake, near which the institution is located. You can rent a football field or a tennis court here. For children there are held animations and master-classes. In the evenings there are parties here.


7. «Rechnoy» Beach Club

Adress: Kiev Oblast,

near the Lebedivka village

Tel.: + 38 (067) 249-29-29

Working hours: Fri-Sun: 10:00 - 0:00

GPS: 50.64597734, 30.52261591

This is a very nice beach complex with access to the river and a swimming pool, tennis courts and water sports area: water skiing, motorcycles, wake-boarding. If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle you will be delighted by its eco-friendly kitchen, so you can both relax and indulge in a healthy diet. Your kids will be entertained by professional nannies and animators, in a special children's area. The place is located in a very nice pine forest, which provides a special atmosphere of relaxation, peace and comfort. The price of a deck chair here is  400 UAH, 200 out of which go on your deposit so you can spend them in the restaurant. It is very advisable to book deck chairs in advance.


8. Good Wood

Adress: Kiev Oblast,

the Novoselky village, 10, Plytyly Street

Tel: +3 (044) 223 31 31,

+3 (067) 505 40 80

Working hours:  с 10.00 до 22.00

GPS: 50.61442682, 30.60764194

“Good Wood” is the pool of the hotel complex "Selo" in the village Novoselki in a pleasant area of a pine forest. It offers its very nice water zone with a large outdoor pool and sun loungers, 3 restaurants: Ukrainian, European and its own original cuisine; a bar, billiards, karaoke, table tennis and ATVs. The entry cost here is 150 UAH per day, with a deckchair included in the price, but it is best to take a towel with you.


Beach Complexes Without Pools:


9. Mayachok Beach Club

Adress: Kiev, Zhukov Island,

58a, Lutnevaya Street

Tel.: +380 (066) 450 72 38

Working hours: 10.30 - 22.00

GPS: 50.33909257, 30.5921495


The complex is located on the island of Zhukov – just in 20 minutes’ ride from the centre of Kiev. It has a nice beach on the Dnieper River, equipped with beautiful creamy tents, deck chairs, umbrellas, hammocks and gazebos. There are also two-story wooden houses with sauna for rent.  The local restaurant and bar can serve you right on the beach if you’d like. The location is great for families. There’s a special children’s area with a carousel, trampoline and slides directly on the beach. For adults there are water scooters and bananas, and water skiing. On weekends pleasant music is performed here by DJs. The cost of entrance to the beach is 50 UAH on weekdays and 100 UAH on weekends and holidays.


  10. Gintama - Breeze


Adress: Kiev Oblast, the Glebivka village, 8, Zelenyj Bir St.

Tel.: +38 050 469 1485

Working hours: Mon -  Fri: 10.00 - 22.00, Sat - Sun: only for clients of the hotel.

GPS: 50.81322952, 30.3790640

Gintama-Breeze is a beautiful hotel and restaurant complex 30 km from Kiev, situated in a nice forest area. From Monday till Friday you can visit its comfortable beach on the Dnieper River and enjoy various additional entertainment like jet ski, courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis, knife throwing, archery, horseback riding and biking. The complex will be appreciated by everybody who loves active and extraordinary recreation. The entrance to the beach costs 150 UAH per person, deck chairs are included in the price; for clients living in the hotel everything is free of charge.


11. Dniprovs’ka Riviera 

Adress: Kiev, Zhukov Island

Tel: +38 044 331 6811

Working hours: 10.00 - 23.00

GPS: 50.33789422,  30.60352743



This is a comfortable equipped beach on the bank of the Dnieper River on the outskirts of Kiev. Its restaurant focuses mainly on European and Ukrainian cuisine, and grill dishes. The place has additional entertainment for children such as carousel and trampoline. And for adults there are water scooters and bananas, and water skiing. The complex also offers Russian sauna. The entrance to the beach is free, renting a deck chair with umbrella  costs 100 UAH on weekdays and 150 UAH on weekends and holidays. 


12. Olympic Village


Adress: Kiev Oblast, 26th km of the Dnipropetrovsk’e Highway

Tel: +380 (044) 360 36 36, +380 (067) 656 36 36

Working hours: с 9:00 до 20:00

GPS: 50.26202201, 30.55681944

This is a well maintained equipped beach of the “Olympic Village” hotel which has also got a spa area, a beauty salon, an indoor pool, tennis courts, squash classes, gym, football and volleyball grounds. So you can come here with the whole family, they will definitely not get bored here. In the local restaurant you can taste lobster, oysters, tuna, tartar beef, tiramisu with raspberries and a variety of author cuisine dishes. The beach is equipped with beach-loungers, comfortable soft baskets and bungalows. The cost of renting beach-loungers here is 200 UAH, beach baskets for two - 300 UAH, bungalows for four - 500 UAH.