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If you are looking for things to see in Kiev, that's a good idea to have a stroll in one of Kiev's central parks. Check out our list of the best Kiev parks situated near the city centre:

Shevchenko Park


shevchenko park shevchenko park on kiev map


That’s the most central and popular of Kiev parks, located just in a 2-minute walk from Kreshatik St. According to the legend, the idea to create a park on this spot belonged to Brazilian President Don Pedro II, who visited Kiev in the late 1880s. The park was opened in 1890 and was named the “University Park”. Carl Christiani, the gardener, managed to create an amazing complex on the area of just 5.4 hectares. In the centre of it stands the monument to Ukrainian most famous poet and writer Taras Shevchenko, by whom the park is named today. The park hosts numerous events: food festivals, exhibitions of Ukrainian producers, master classes of famous dancing schools, parades. Here you can ride a pony, rent a bike or a beach chair. Among the attractions of the park is a fountain in the form of the Black Sea coast, painted benches on the central avenues and a big playground for children. Recently a very romantic sculpture in the form of embraced male and female silhouettes has appeared here. For those who are hungry there is a traditional Ukrainian cuisine restaurant “O’Panas”, decorated as a Ukrainian village house. Next to it you can often see various small animals that entertain children. There is a double-decker selling coffee, books and souvenirs of Kiev. And there is still more than a dozen other eateries offering food and beverages to take away. There are often buskers performing on the central lane. Whenever you come here it’s always fun and crowded there.


Mariinsky Park


mariinsky park mariinsky park on kiev map


It’s situated on the hills along the Dnieper River, revealing splendid views on the left bank of Kiev. This is an imperial park, founded in 1874 by the order of Alexander II. Here is located the Mariinsky Palace, breathtaking monument of Baroque architecture, designed by famous Italian architect Rastrelli. In the park on 8.9 hectares can be found up to 80 different species of trees and shrubs, so you'll have to spend some time to get around all this. Ukrainian supreme legislative body - the Verkhovna Rada – is also located there. This building, erected in 1939, is a true example of Ukrainian architectural classics. Near the main entrance were installed sculptural groups that represent various segments of Ukrainian people: workers, peasants, scientists and intellectuals. A little further there’s a majestic monument to famous general Nikolai Vatutin. Statue of the commander of gray granite was mounted on a pedestal of black labradorite. The monument is surrounded by Japanese cherry trees. In spring when the trees bloom, this corner of the park possesses an amazing charm. Next to the park is also situated the home stadium of FC "Dynamo", people often stop to watch players practicing. In the park there is also a puppet theater, a museum of water and children’s playground, all these making it an excellent option for spending time with children. The lovers' bridge connecting the old and new part of the park, is one of the most romantic places in the city where lovers often exchange feelings and as a sign of their love hang here padlocks and ribbons. The park has many coffee machines and tents with snack, but if you are seriously hungry, you’d better have some food with you or move to another location. But it’s a perfect place for a picnic and one of the main places to visit in Kiev.


Kiev central botanical garden named after Fomin


central botanical gardens central botanical gardens on kiev map


This is one of the oldest botanical parks in Kiev and Ukraine with total square of 22,5 hectares. Situated right in the centre of the capital, it’s a division of Kiev National Shevchenko University. In the Botanical Garden there is a unique collection of plants of different geographical origin, which has about 9000 species, varieties, and forms. The collection of cacti and other succulents is the largest in Ukraine. In 1977, for some species of palms there was built a 30- metres high klimatron with total area of 1000 m². Nowadays the area is divided into two parts: scientific and recreational. The scientific part is closed for public access. Seeing the collection of plants is possible only with a guide. In the cold season, tours are conducted only in greenhouses. The total duration of the tour is about 45 minutes. Free open grounds for citizens here are not as crowded as more popular central parks so it’s the best place if you want some peace or plan a photo session. There are no cafes so take a snack with you if you might get hungry quickly. 


The Eternal glory park (Slavy Park)


eternal glory park kiev eternal glory park on kiev map


That’s the best highland Kiev park. It’s situated on the right bank of the Dnieper river and consists of two contrasting and skillfully interconnected parts: the upper plateau with tree and shrub plantations, and the lower part with grassy lawns going down to the riverside.  Park on the upper plateau is also divided into two parts: memorial and recreational. Recreational part of the park is peaceful and quiet and that’s why very popular among people with small children. Here you can relax, enjoy marvelous sights of the river and beautiful Kiev hills. The second part, memorial, was created in order to memorize soldiers who died during the World War II. In this part of the park there are no benches, eateries. People come here to lay flowers on the memorial complex, usually on the Victory day.


Heydar Aliyev’s park


heydar aliyev's park in kiev heydar aliyev's park on kiev map


Heydar Aliyev's park on Glubochits’ka 22/24 is a new interesting place in Kiev named after former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev. Its main attraction is an exquisite illuminated fountain, designed as a legendary carpet "Sheikh Safi", national relic of Azerbaijan. The Fountain is made of colored mosaics, shimmering under the rays of colored lights. Architect’s idea was that the water will flow over the carpet directly on the walls, then down the steps and into a large bowl. The back of the Heydar Aliyev park is designed as the most famous place in Azerbaijan – the Baku fortress. The park is rich with magnolias, yew berry and cherry.  Heydar Aliyev’s  park is open daily until midnight. There are many benches and a free Wi-Fi. In the evening the park is lit by special lightings, so don’t miss your chance to come and enjoy it.


Peizazhna (Landscape) alley


peizazhna alley in Kiev peizazhna alley on kiev map


This park alley is one of the most popular Kiev attractions. Here live giant fairy heroes: cats-centipedes, elephants-fountains, love zebras and giant sparrows. The walls are covered with mosaics of children's faces, even such an essential attribute as trash cans are not deprived of the attention - they are in the form of dice-dice. You can sit and rest on benches-rabbits, benches-cats and benches-crows. There is also a bench in a form of a bed, so there’s no reason not to take a nap. Everything is possible while you are in a fairy-tale! In 2010, a new playground "Alice in Wonderland was made". All main characters of the novel are happy to greet you and your children - here are the magic rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat, and the magic caterpillar. This park is the most popular place for taking photos, organizing fairs, young people love this place and there are often some street performances there. The alley is right in the city centre, so don’t worry about your dinner, there are also many eateries and cafes. And right at the end of the alley there is the National History Museum of Ukraine, which is also an interesting place. Have a nice day-off!


Gryshko National Botanical garden


Fomin botanical gardens kiev fomin botanical gardens on kiev map


This is 170 hectares of beautiful natural landscape situated not far from the city centre. The variety of collections of plants, the size of the territory and the level of conducted researches make it one of the leading and largest botanical gardens in Europe. Here you can see around 3 thousand taxons of unique tropical and subtropical plants, which are placed in greenhouses with a total area of ​​more than 5 thousand sq. m. One of the biggest is the collection of tropical orchids, which has over 350 native species and varieties. Here are collected many species of plants from Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the Far East and other regions. The Botanical Garden is open everyday from 8:30 till 21:00.