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Ultramarket (MegaMarket network)

A brand new elite supermarket has just been opened in Kiev on 1, Uritskogo Street not far away from Vokzal’na metro station. Due to its comparatively small total area but wonderful interior, Ultramarket has managed to create a wonderful warm atmosphere of a nice gourmet store.

You can buy there the highest quality fish and meat, gastronomy goods and desserts of their own production, as well as various premium imported goods, rarely offered in other supermarkets in Kiev. We also noted the lack of queues at the cash point. But there can be more and more people coming here in future though. Especially as the prices levels of basic products are the same as in other supermarkets of the network. 

It is also worth saying that it is conveniently located in the entertainment centre "Ultramarine.", where you can also watch a movie, visit a restaurant or a bar while your children are playing in the game machine area.

Address: 1, Uritskoho (Liatoshynskogo) Street


Le Silpo

There are three Le Silpo supermarkets today in Kiev. Two of them are located in the very city center, in Mandarin Plaza and Gulliver shopping malls.

As well as a great location, they can boast of a wide range of high quality imported delicatessen, including exotic fruit and vegetables. They’ve also equipped a very nice grill bar and a cafe right in the trading hall, so you can quickly have a tasty snack.

Being opened as a premium supermarket, le Silpo, nevertheless, has also got a discount program for loyal customers. In addition, there are two ordinary Silpo supermarkets in the centre, which were also improved and rebranded, and can now be noted for their lovely interior and high quality of goods.

These are the two Silpos on 37/41, Artema Street and 96, Honchara Street.


1, Sportyvna Square

6, Basseina Street

4, Lunachars'koho Street


Gourmand – Furshet (Гурман-Фуршет)

This is the only premium supermarket of the Ukrainian national product network Furshet, located in the shopping center "Atmosphera" on 103, Stolychne Highway, which can be convenient for the customers who live in the Southern suburbs of the city and get to their work by car. There is a huge parking there, and the trading hall is never overcrowded like in some other Kiev supermarkets, which are indisputable advantages if you appreciate really comfortable shopping.

Like all other premium supermarkets, it offers a great selection of expensive imported goods, but price levels of the main assortment of goods is quite reasonable. The total area here is huge. It will take you some time to get round it, so you will be likely to get hungry and try the culinary achievements of the local Express Cafe: sushi, pizza and steaks.

Address: 103, Stolychne Highway



They have a wide range of imported delicacies; wine, fish and meat products at rather attractive prices can be found in METRO hypermarkets. 

In addition, they do have the best assortment of exotic fruits. It includes  limes, kumquats, carambola,  guava, passion fruit, granadilla, papaya, tamarind, litchi, chestnut, Haas  avocado and different exotic mushrooms: shiitake, portobello, shimei and enokitaki. 

Their only disadvantage is location, as they are on the outskirts of the city.


2, Saburova Street

26c, Moskovskiy Ave

1c, Kiltseva Street 

43, Grygorenka Street

Website: (in Russian)


Bessarabsky market

Bessarabsky market is a beautiful historical building in the western end of Khreshchatyk street and the best covered market in Kiev. It sells all sorts of delicacies and has got excellent fish, vegetables, meat and dairy stores.

The market is very popular among wealthy consumers as the prices here are traditionally quite high. Some kinds of products can be up to 50% more expensive than in Kiev supermarkets. On the other hand, you can try everything you want here before buying and it’s certainly the best place to purchase original Ukrainian salo, bacon and milk products.

In addition, you can also find here various seafood delicacies, all sorts of caviar, mushrooms, nuts, oriental spices and sweets and even organic products.

Address: 2, Bessarabsky Square


Good Wine & Good Food

These wonderful wine and food supermarkets have set the highest service standard from the very beginning when they opened.  They really listen to your preferences and help you choose the best wines and food, without a pressure and as polite as possible. You can even order wines that are not in stock.

The company imports all the wine itself ,  without any intermediaries. That’s the reason why the prices of alcohol here can be lower than in other supermarkets. In addition to wines, they have a wide variety of cheese, imported delicacies, fish and meat. Price levels of these product categories can be higher than average.

In Kiev the network is presented by two  supermarkets, one of which is located in Pechersky district, and the second is near Obolon embankment.

Address: 9, Mechnykova Street16a, Heroiv Stalingradu Ave

Website: (in Russian)


Wine Time

It is positioned as a gastronomic and wine market, which means that the core of the products presented here are delicacies and expensive wines and their own high quality cookery. But the most surprising thing is that they have a strong department of fish and seafood.

In addition, inside the trading hall there is a restaurant there, where you can order any products you have purchased to be prepared in front of you.  What is more interesting, Wine Time holds lectures for adults and master classes on cooking for kids. That’s all done with the aim to raise the general culture of food consumption in Ukraine, to learn how to look after yourself and your health, choosing the right products.

In Kiev there is only one Wine Time store on 1, Bazhana Street, and there's one outside the city on 103, Obukhiv Highway.



Egersund Seafood

This Norwegian fish and seafood supermarket was opened in new residential district in the Left bank of Kiev in November2014. Implementation of the best possible quality standards in food transportation, storage and realization has been its main aim from the beginning. Egersund Seafood’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it imports 90% of all the products by itself, being sometimes a manufacturer as well. That’s why it takes them only 4 days to take the fish to the supermarket’s shelves, and that’s the reason for its high freshness and quality. For example, it has its own production of smoked and salted fish, salmon, trout, bream, sea bass, cod, eel, mackerel, mussels, oysters, tuna fillet, smelts, octopus, grouper, squids and more. Inside the supermarket they’ve equipped a modern Seafood bar with a team of professional chefs working in it. Its specialties are sandwiches with herring and hoki which is a  famous appetizer from Scandinavia, and grilled fish. It’s amazing how you can have the fish you’ve just bought cooked for you in just 5-10 minutes with the best healthy Norwegian recipes.

Address: 32, Hryhorenka Ave


Okean Vkusa (Taste of the Ocean) Fish Supermarket

This is a wonderful place for those who demand all kinds of sea food and fish. They do have a large variety of both saltwater and freshwater delicatessen.

You will certainly find here live fish and seafood: lobster, crab, oysters, mussels; chilled freshwater fish, sea fish and delicatessen: scallops, squid, octopus, etc.; smoked and salted fish, dried fish.

They’ve also got a  big choice of frozen fish, shrimps and seafood, all kinds of caviar - herring, chum, pink salmon, sturgeon, beluga -  and many other kinds. 

It’s also rather convenient that they offer all kinds of ingredients for oriental cuisine here, and you can also order sushi to take away which will be quickly made in front of you.

There’s also a 24/7 supermarket in the basement where you can find fresh meat, bread, pastries, milk, etc.

Address: 16b, Heroiv Stalingradu Ave



Fish & Chick's

This is a curious combination of a marine store and restaurant. It’s even more likely to be characterized as a restaurant with a store where you can buy food to take away.

You will find here the best kinds of fresh fish and rare species of seafood. But at the restaurant you can also order prosciutto, pasta, salads and soups. And they’ve also got a large wine card to accompany all this. At the weekends there are different lunches and brunches with discounts organized there.

The place was designed as a modern sea bar, with large aquariums at the entrance, and an open kitchen so that everybody can watch the process of cooking without any borders, with maximum trust and confidence in the crew of the restaurant. It is very beautiful and cozy inside.

The only thing is that they have a limited variety of products for sale, unlike other stores. That’s because they have comparatively small area and only specialize in the most expensive sea products and fish.

Address: 1, Bazhana Ave


Organic Food

Unfortunately, Kiev supermarkets still don’t sell vegetarian and organic food, or if they do, there is nearly no choice at all.

This can be explained by the high costs of these products and, as a consequence, the lack of their popularity among Ukrainians.

We’ve found three shops in the centre of Kiev or in the closest proximity to it where they sell organic and vegetarian foods.

These are:

Zdorova Lavka (Healthy Shop)

They’ve got  a variety of organic foods: butter, cereals, sweets, large variety of bread, juices, dairy products and phytocomplexes. In addition, they offer organic cosmetics, detergents, household products and personal care products.

Address: 20, Pobedy Ave

Website: (in Russian)

Semero kozl’at (Seven Goatlings)
This shop offers fresh farm products from ecologically clean area in Tarashchansky district in the Kiev region. There you can buy fresh goat milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, butter and other products made from goat’s milk. 

Address: 22, Lypkivskoho Street

Website: (in Russian)

Nature Boutique
The shop offers a range of organic, dietary, vegetarian, gluten-free products, as well as cosmetics and products for children and for the household, and also books about healthy lifestyle and cooking.

Address: 6, Kikvidze Street

Website: (in Russian)


You can search for more supermarkets and other objects of infrastructure by using our Kiev infrastructure map: