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 Horse riding clubs in Kiev

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Sport-elite is one of the best equestrian clubs in Kiev. It has already 10 years of successful experience in teaching horse riding. It has a professional team of qualified coaches who regularly undergo training in the best equestrian schools in Germany. The stable of the club contains 18 stables with modern equipment. The club has outdoor and indoor arenas. There is also a private beach, a summer terrace for recreation, a club room and a gym.  




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You can train both with your own horse or rent one. Keeping your horse here will cost 1200 EUR a month. Monthly membership for a child attending pony class lessons three times a week will cost 400 EUR. "Sport-Elit" is located in Koncha Zaspa area, on the bank of Kozynka river, next to the National Landscape Park. There are three types of memberships offered by the club: pony style – for the smallest children, hobby class and sport class.


equestrian club magnat near kiev



Magnat Club is located 10 km from Kiev near the Kyiv-Boryspil highway. With a total area of 11 hectares it is one of the largest Kiev horse riding clubs.clubsThe infrastructure of the club includes an indoor arena for training, 3 stables, 2 open-air riding arena and a veterinary clinic. There’s also a comfortable hotel,restaurant and a conference room. Everything here is made to meet even the most sophisticated client needs. A riding lesson for a beginner will cost 580 UAH for 1 hour, individual dressage lesson – 590 UAH for 45 minutes. Renting a horse for 1 month is 20 thousand UAH (personal trainer services are included in the price.



Butenko riding school for children offers riding lessons for children from 7 years old. Dressage and jumping lessons are available for children only after one year of successful study at the junior equestrian school. Annual membership costs 25000 UAH. They have also weekend and holiday programs for children (2500 UAH) and organize international tournaments. There’s also a pony club for the smallest kids from 3 to 6 years (800 UAH for 45 min riding). Annual membership for adults costs 35000 UAH, and you can also have individual lessons for adults for 800 – 1300 UAH per 45 min, depending on the lesson type. Additional facilities include tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant. The club is located 39 km from Kiev in the Protsev town.

beginner horseback riding (The art of communication school)

This is a new equestrian club, whose main goal is to teach people how to establish strong ties with a horse and to take care of it properly, developing a sense of rhythm and basic riding skills. Horse riding with a personal trainer  here costs 250 UAH/60 min, horseback riding for beginners – 250 UAh/60 min, photo session – 300 UAH/90 min. Additional services include horse grooming lessons, saddling up a horse and group lessons. The club is located 18 km from Kiev in the Brovary city. (in Russian)

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Horse riding here costs 200 UAH for 1 hour, individual lesson with a trainer - 220 UAH for 1 hour. You can also rent a horse for a photo session, it will cost you 300 UAH for an hour. Prices also depend on the day of the week. So riding on work days would cost less. They also arrange all sorts of parties and have additional entertainments like lasso throwing and archery lessons. They are situated 11 km from Kiev near the Kiev-Odessa highway.


horseback riding near Kiev

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Bolivar Ranch is a family resort offering a wide range of facilities for a great weekend. They have a mini-golf course,  paintball zone,  aqua-zone, Indian adventure trail, fishing grounds and an hotair balloon. Equestrian Sports Club:  Basic package of horse stabling for one month costs 3800 UAH. Services included in this package consist of:  winter stall with automatic water system, dunnage, basic feeding, stall cleaning twice a day, delivery of fresh dunnage, grooming the horses, use of washer and solarium, walking in levage, use of the riding hall and outdoor trotting area every day. Prices for horse riding lessons at the elementary level are 300 UAH for 30 min and  500 UAH for dressage or jumping lessons for 1 hour and 20 min at master level. They are situated in Zdorovka village 43 km from Kiev near the Kiev - Odessa highway.

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Tandem club is a family equestrian club. It has 14 stables, an indoor and outdoor arenas with a sandy surface. There is also a horse jumping arena. You can learn how to ride a horse or stable a horse here. Prices are for one hour of riding – 150 UAH, monthly – 1500 UAH (12 hours). If you want to ride together with a trainer it will cost 200 UAH per hour. You can also rent a horse for a photo session here for 250 UAH per one hour.  The price for horse keeping for one month is 150 USD . It includes three meals a day with grain and hay on the recommendation of the owner and trainer, cleaning stables twice a day, cleaning a horse and a 30-minutes in the paddock. The club is situated in the Bila Tserkva city 93 km from Kiev. It’s fair distance but here you can enjoy horseback riding in one of the best and largest parks in Ukraine – Alexandria Park. (in Russian)