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You can easier and faster integrate in the Kiev expat community by joining one of these organizations or just attending some of their events.


TUCC (The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club) – informal organization, which discovers the best restaurants in Kiev. It is a community of admirers of esthetic and delicious food; its members mostly belong to business and diplomatic circles, but there are also politicians and cultural figures. Club events with 20-30 members attending; usually take place at least once a month, where the members evaluate the skills of talented chefs, level of service and overall atmosphere of a restaurant.

Fryday is an international network that organizes events for cosmopolitan professionals. Presented in 30 cities of 20 countries, it’s a fast growing and very promising movement. Its main mission is to establish business and social relationships by combining both entertaining social and professional events with online negotiation. The Fryday community includes business owners, managers, diplomats, media representatives and members of the local business community.




Internations is  a  global social network, connecting expatsworldwide.Its Kiev’s affiliate will help you socialize in Kiev quickly and easily. Just create an account and you will find many useful tips about life in Kiev and meet new friends. The community meets in real life at top-class events or goes for weekend activities together to visit Ukraine’s famous landmarks, so don’t hesitate to join it.





Kyiv Lion’s Club, founded in 2003 as a part of global Lions Club business charity organi-zation, today counts for 80 members and takes care of vulnerable children, the sick and disabled, and the elderly. The Kyiv Lion’s Club meets on the second Monday of every month at the Brunello Bar in the Hyatt Hotel.






The International Women’s Club of Kyiv is an affiliate of the global IWC network, that was founded in Kiev in 1992 to support mainly charities, but also offers various cultural  and social activities that help expats socialize when they first come to Kiev . Today it has over 350 members from different  and countries.  IWCK has a General Meeting for all members once a month.





Kiev Rotary Club is a non-profitable voluntary organization of entrepreneurs and , united by the idea of public service aimed to make the society better. All Rotarians have excellent business and professional reputation and are leaders in different fields of activity. Rotary movement in Ukraine started in 1992 and now there are 40 rotary clubs in Ukraine.

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is a non-government, non-profit business organization, operating in Ukraine. One of the most important activities of ACCU is to inform the internationally oriented investment community about Ukrainian markets and legislative system in order to arrange the entrance of new investors into Ukrainian market. The Chamber also provides with the most up-to-date information and helps to get prepared for legislative and other changes that might influence your business.




The European Business Association is a leading organization that contributes to EU-Ukraine relationship and cooperation, provides international businesses with a great networking and lobbying platform. Its main aim is protecting the interests of foreign investors here in Ukraine, providing its members with important up-to-date information concerning Ukrainian markets and legislative system. With over 900 members now, it’s one of the largest and most influential business communities in the country.





Rotaract Club is also one of the Rotary movement affiliates for young men and women aged 18-30 that helps develop ethical standards in business, promote international understanding and peace, as well as traditional voluntary programs.






The British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce brings together British and Ukrainian companies and individuals wishing to focus on the Ukrainian market. The Chamber can give invaluable advice on  business, com-mercial, trade and cultural issues in Ukraine and consult for ways of your successful development  in the country.  BUCC organizes a monthly social event at various locations.




Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organi-zation, whose first priority is to inform potential Norwegian investors about possibilities in Ukraine  and increase bilateral trade activity.




The German Business Club is a nonprofit organization that unites the community of German businessmen in Ukraine. Its aim is not only to satisfy economic interests of its members, but also enrich their social and cultural life.





British Council in Ukraine  is a leading non-profit cultural organization in Ukraine that organizes cultural and edu-cational programs in order to promote the English language and culture and build bridges between nations.





The Goethe- Institut  is German nonprofit cultural organization. Its main aims are promoting the study of  the German language abroad and encouraging inter-national cultural exchange and relations, providing information on German culture, society and politics and acquainting Ukrainian society with German films, music, theatre, and literature.




French institute in Ukraine organizes various cultural events so that Ukrainian society can get acquainted with French culture in all its diversity: cinema, theater and the performing and visual arts, literature, discussions and more. These projects are carried out in cooperation with local authorities and partners to develop long-term relationships between French and Ukrainian cultural figures and organizations. French Spring Festival, which is held every year in April - the brightest cultural event of the FIU.





Spainish Embassy Cultural Committee in Ukraine organizes wide range of cultural and edu-cational programs in Ukraine. Its aim is strengthening  ties between Ukraine and Spain, creating artistic and intellectual relations between institutions and artists.