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When the going gets tough the...

The end of this phrase is 'the tough get going' which really reflects the Pickard approach during particularly the past 18 months across two of the operational divisions of the company.

We have been commissioned to value a number of properties for a major western bank  from failed enterprises around Ukraine. Subsequent to the valuations we were also engaged to sell not only the properties but also the equipment installed inside them. Currently we are in the process of selling one of the properties plus the equipment inside.

Another major western bank initially engaged us for the valuation of selected properties around Ukraine. Having satisfactorily completed this task the bank also engaged us to negotiate &/or renegotiate the leases for their branch offices situated around Ukraine.

And for a further western banking group we have been carrying out the valuations of collateral offered to back up loan requests to the bank since 2015. And at the beginning of this year we were also commissioned by a major western government to value their embassy buildings in Kyiv.

So the expression 'when the going gets tough the tough get going' really reflects Pickard's success.

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21.11.2017 25 years of business in Ukraine

On the 15th of November Pickard Group together with The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club, Kyiv Lions Club and Fryday Kyiv held a charity event at Quanto Costa restaurant called “Roll up roll up to Terry's comical and illustrated presentation”. The guests at this event, Ukrainians and long-term living here expats plus a few newcomers who attended found the story from Terry Pickard, the founder and Chairman of international real estate consultant the Pickard Group interesting and well presented.