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If you have to go abroad and need to leave your pet in some gentle caring hands the best variant is to find a proper pet hotel. Here is the list of pet hotels in Kiev:








This hotel for dogs and cats is located in a great place on the edge of pine forest in Pushcha-Vodiza, but you can drive the pet to their own vet hospital in 5, Gajday St. (Tel. 426-69-76 3 8044). The costs of living for dogs per day range from 100 to 150 UAH depending on the breed and weight of the dog. The prices include feeding. The rooms for dogs are heated, measuring 2.5 by 3 meters. There’s also a big territory outside for dogs to play and run. Costs for cats are 50 UAH per day. The whole area is 25 sq. m. Individual space for each cat is 4 sq.m. with toilet bowls, mattress, toys. The walls and floor heated.

Tel. +38 067 443-19-07 (in Russian)








Pet Hotel of the vet center "Drug"

23, Radujnaya St. and 11, L. Rudenko St.

Cost of living:

Small dogs - up to 10 kg, 59 UAH / day

Medium dogs - from 10 to 20 kg, 69 UAH / day

Large dogs - from 20 to 30 kg, 79 UAH / day, 30 to 40 kg, 89 UAH / day

Super big dogs – 45 and more kg, 99 UAH / day

The cost of living for cats is 49 UAH / day

The price includes vet check-up, three-time paddock, immunization to strengthen the immunity system (if desired). Additional charge for animal nutrition is taken. But you can also bring dry feed of your own.

Tel. +38044 565-84-98, +38044 540-03-03 

(in Russian)



Cat Hotel on 2, Zamkovetsky Lane

That’s a small private hotel for cats, of just 12 places. Your cat will be provided with 24/7 attention and care. All rooms are equipped with mattresses, trays, other necessary accessorizes  and are well-ventilated. One room of 2.5 m3 costs 60 UAH per day, which is cheaper than anywhere else in the city. Two or three rooms can be combined, if necessary,  into one. In this case, your cat will be even more comfortable and convenient.

Tel. +38095 434 0800 (in Russian)





“Pets Hotel” for dogs and cats in Pushcha-Vodiza  is run by professional dog handlers and  vets. They promise to look after your beloved family nurseling 24/7. Cost of living for a dog is around 150 UAH per day, depending on the size and breed, meals are included in the price. They’ll also transport your pet to the hotel and back, if needed.  Additional services also include training.

Tel. +380 63 442-78-53 (in Russian)








If you are the lucky owner of a bird or a rabbit, a hamster, rat, or other domestic animals, you can bring them to Zoohotel, village Tarasivka, 23, Naberejnaya St . In each case it is necessary to find out the living conditions individually, so reach them via phone numbers listed below. The hotel accepts cats and dogs too. Private space for each pet is 4 sq. m, including a booth or a soft chair, all required accessorizes, a window, a door leading to the animal paddock of 16-20 sq. m, where they are watched closely. One day here will cost around 150 UAH depending on season of the year.

Tel. +3 80 67 982 82 38, +3 80 67 724 94 94 (in Russian)

Conditions of all the pet hotels require that your pet isn’t seriously ill and has all necessary vaccinations. Days of check-in and check-out are counted as full days. Before making the final choice, it is advisable to select a couple of the most liked hotels and make a preliminary visit. Then you definitely will be leaving the country with a light heart, knowing that your pet is left in good hands.