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              private threelingual kindergarten P'titcref

That’s a multilingual kids school for children of 2 – 7 years, specialized in languages. Children are subdivided into four groups: toddlers, juniors, middles and seniors. All four groups study in English, French and Russian. Among optional courses parents can choose choreography, sand animation, basic cooking, music and arts.


5/24, Irininskaya St., office 98

Tel. (+ 38)044 22 144 22,

( +38)044 220 34 70

Meridian Kindergarten



international school and kindergarten meridian, kiev


This preschool kindergarten accepts children from 2 years. From 3 year’s age a child can be accepted  to a class with English tuition. At the moment there are children from 10 different countries attending “Meridian”. All teachers and teacher’s assistants have higher education and fluent English. Among specialists who work in the kindergarten there are: speech therapist, choreographer, psychologist, pediatrician, physical training instructor. Timetable consists of classic subjects like Nature, Physical education, Music and some less typical like sensory development and culture-hygienic skills.


55b, Kopilovskaya St.

Tel. (+38)044 468-22-71,

(+38)044 468-31-12

British International School for Children




british international school and kindergarten on Shcherbakova, kiev

The affiliate on Sherbakova St. accepts children from 2,5  years. The main advantage of the pre-school is simultaneous tuition based both on Ukrainian and international programs. Children are taught in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. Timetable consists of 5 lessons a day, each of 25 minutes. Educational activities: social, personal and emotional development, communication skills, literature and languages, math class,world and society lessons, physical development, creativity lessons. In addition, after a certain age French and German are studied. 


36a, Sherbakova St.

Tel. (+38)044 239-21-21

Zoloche international school and kindergarten



international kindergarten in Zoloche

Children are accepted from 2 year’s age and engaged in small groups, 2-3 years, 4-5 years and so on. The kindergarten implements modern methods of intelligence, emotional, speech and sensory abilities development. Children are fed 5 times a day. Timetable includes 25 lessons a week consisting of 12 different subjects. Children are constantly involved in after-class programms – excursions, performances and holidays.


Tel. (+38)044 531 77 78



Gergel School


private kindergarten gergel school


This toddler school is for children from 3 to 12 years old. It provides tuition in three foreign languages simultaneously - French, English and German. The school is constantly developing creative abilities of children through stage performances, thematic evenings and open classes in foreign languages.


21b, L. Ukrainky

Tel. (+380)44 296 2568