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The main factors, which determine the rental rate of apartments in Kiev are location (district), type of a building and level of renovation

Dnipro river splits Kiev into 2 parts – right and left bank. Right bank is more comfortable for living, as this is where the geographic and administrative centre of Kiev is located. The Right bank includes Shevchenkivsky, Pechersky, Podolsky, Obolonsky, Goloseyevsky, Solomensky and Sviatoshynsky districts.

Kiev, Shevchenkivsky district, Maidan NezalezhnostiShevchenkivsky district – an area covering the central part of Kiev (right on the map from  Khreschatik street), where many foreign representative offices, organizations, diplomatic missions are located. Here there are homes to every taste – from pre-revolutionary buildings to modern luxury houses. Shevchenkivsky district is also one of the greenest districts of the city and a leading district by a number of metro stations. 

Kiev, Pechersky districtPechersky district - an area covering the central part of Kiev (including Khreschatik street), it is considered to be an administrative and business-centre of the city, there are many schools and kindergartens, elite residential areas are actively developing. 

Pecherski lipki – one of the most expensive and prestigious quarters of Kiev, this is where many governmental institutions and architectural monuments are located. 
Tsarske selo – an area in Pechersk district with many luxurious villas and embassies of several countries. 

Kiev, Podolsky district, Poshtova Ploshcha squarePodolsky district – the structure of this district is non-uniform with its one part located on the bank of Dnipro River (Podil – historic centre of Kiev), and the other part – almost in the suburbs on the North-Eastern part of Kiev (Vinogradar).  There are many architectural landmarks of the city, river port, many pre-revolutionary buildings. 

Vozdvizhenka – new elite microdistrict, located in historic area near Andriyivsky descent, the style of all the buildings located here is barocco or Kiev modern. You can find here multi-family residential houses, several villas and office buildings. 

Kiev, Obolonsky district, Obolon quayObolonsky district – one of the most comfortable dormitory districts of Kiev with developed transport and social infrastructure, located relatively close to Kiev city centre. There are many shopping & entertainment centres, kindergartens and one of the most beautiful quays in Kiev.

Obolonski Lipki – new microdistrict, located at  Obolonska Quay. Here you can find a number of luxury villas and multi-family residential houses. Nearby there are golf-club, beaches, bars and restaurants.

Kiev, Koncha ZaspaGoloseyevsky district – this district stretches from the central Kiev and covers all the Southern part of the city. It is often called the “lungs” of the capital, as the major part of its territory is a green zone with a great amount of lakes and bays. 

Koncha Zaspa is a wide territory on the South-East of Kiev, covered by picturesque pine forest opening onto Dnipro Quay. Currently the villas in Koncha Zaspa are inhabited by representatives of political, business and media elite. In Koncha zaspa there are also a large number of recreation houses, sanatoriums, children’s camps, both public and private. 

Kiev, Solomensky district, Zhuliany airportSolomensky district – South-eastern part of Kiev. Like Podolsky district, it also has a non-unifor structure – one of its parts is adjacent to the centre of Kiev (Solomenka), another part is located in the suburbs (Zhulyany) and includes an airport.


Kiev, Sviatoshynsky district, Sofiyivska BorshchagovkaSvyatoshynsky district – Eastern and South-eastern part of Kiev. It is considered to be a typical dormitory area of the city. Currently there is construction of new residential areas in the district instead of old Soviet low quality buildings. 

Sofiyevska Borshchagovka, Petropavlivska Borshchagovka – villages, bordering with Kiev and located just outside Kiltseva Road (Ring Road). There are mainly new, modern private houses. Kyiv international School is nearby.

Buildings in Kiev can be divided into several groups, depending on the period of construction and wall material. 


Kiev building, constructed before revolution in 1918

Pre-revoluationary (up to 1920)  - Usually they have 1-4 storeys (in some buildings more floors were built at later periods). The walls are built of red bricks, floors – wooden or combined after 1905 (after reconstructions they were usually changed into reinforced-concrete). From outside the buildings are often fretted, mostly in style “modern”, they are massive and durable. As a rule they have one entrance, more rarely – several entrances. The apartments often consist of 4-6 rooms, more rarely 2,3 rooms. On one floor there is 1 or 2 apartments, less often 3 or 4. The ceilings are quite high – 3,5 – 4,5 metres. They usually have no lift, but it can be installed in some buildings after reconstruction. 

Kiev building, which was constructed during Stalin eraStalin era buildings (“Stalinkas”) (1920-s – middle 1950-s) – they have 3-4 rooms, less often 2 or more than 4.
The usual ceiling height in 3.2-4 metres, kitchen area – no less than 12 sq.m. Rooms are also very spacious, apartments have wide corridors and impressive storerooms. The main construction material is brick (wall thickness – 75-100 sm), floors can be wooden, combined or reinforced-concrete. 


Typical Soviet building, Kiev

Typical construction buildings of Soviet area (middle 1950-s – middle 1990-s) – this group includes several types of buildings (Khrushchev era buildings -  “Khrushchevkas”, buildings consisting of 1-rooms apartments -  “gostinkas”, buildings of Check project  - “Cheshkas”, other buildings of typical construction). Buildings of this group have relatively low ceilings – 2.5 – 2.85 metres, construction material – brick or panels.


Kiev modern buildingModern individual projects (middle 1990-s – present) – this group includes buildings, constructed at post-Soviet time, often according to individual projects. Wall material – panel with external insulation, brick (red or silex), cast reinforced-concrete frame, topped by brick with heater (cast-in-place concrete frame building). Usually there are more than 2 lifts, one of them is cargo lift. On the lower floors there are often shops, fitness-centres, office premises, in the basement – underground parking. 

The level of renovation in Kiev apartments can be of 3 main types:

Premium-class renovation

Apartment in Kiev with premium class renovationApartments with premium-class renovation are rented as a rule at the highest price. Usually they are after major renovation using high-quality materials and good level of renovation work. Premium class renovation can be described by the following features: interesting design (modern, classic, art-deco style etc), functional layout, quality parquet, imported tiles in kitchen and bathrooms, heated floors, modern imported kitchen, quality windows and doors.

European style renovation

Apartment in Kiev with European style renovationApartments in European style range from those which by their characteristics are similar to premium-class apartments and those which rather resemble offices than residential premises. Apartments with this kind of renovation are as a rule also after major renovation using relatively good materials, level of workmen – from good to mediocre. European style renovation can be characterized  by the following: convenient layout, parquet floor (or sometimes made of wood laminate), painted walls or wallpapers, bathrooms with modern white goods, imported kitchen, not necessarily of the highest quality, wooden or plastic framed, double glazed windows, modern lights. This apartment usually produce a nice impression. They are comfortable enough for living and are not much different from homes where Western people are used to live. 

Economy-class renovation

Apartment in Kiev with economy class renovationQuite often these apartments are after cosmetic renovation with non-expensive (or old)  wooden or parquet floor, linoleum in kitchen, old kitchen furniture, old tiles in bathroom, wallpapared in rooms. Usually with old, Soviet furniture. In the central part of Kiev apartments with such rennovation are rarely offered for rent. The prices for these apartments are 30-40% lower than their analogues with Europen style renovation.