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Ukrainian Government building on Hrushevsky Street, Kiev

If you are planning to sell your residential property in Kiev we would be pleased to assist you. Reaching the maximum number of potential purchasers is a good approach in achieving the best sales price. Our marketing programme should ensure good distribution of your property details.


Generally the selling process of Kiev real estate consists of the following stages:


  1. Valuing your property. It is vital to pitch your property for sale in Kiev at the right price that attracts interest. For an interested client price reduction is possible but rarely a price increase. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the market which enables us to value to the current market.
  2. Promotion. Essential to attract maximum interest. Our high quality property presentations, our world class website and our distribution of your property details to all of Kiev’s reputable agents ensure this.
  3. Viewings. We always attend when a potential buyer wants to visit your property. We know the features and benefits of your property and therefore ensure that the best aspects of your property are presented.
  4. We always pass any offers to you for your consideration. However we are always there to discuss the merits of any offer.
  5. Accepting an offer, receiving a deposit and signing preliminary agreement. We will make sure that all the documents are in order, prepare the preliminary agreement and guide you through all this process.
  6. Signing of sale-purchase agreement. We assist you in getting all the documentation required for the main sale-purchase agreement and check the main agreement, provided by the notary.