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Diamond Hill

Address:  Pechersky district, 11, Ivana Mazepy St., 6 min from metro station Arsenal’na, in close proximity to the cent.

The complex is located in one of the most picturesque corners of Kiev, offering magnificent view of the city, the coastal zone of the Dnieper River and neighborhood park area.

In the complex there is a modern fitness center with swimming pool and gym, SPA-center with sauna, steam room and massage room, playroom for children, children's and sports playground in the open air, barbecue area.

Parking: 300 spaces, additional guest parking provided.

Available apartments:



Graf Tolstoy Housing complex

Address: Shevchenkovsky district, 39, Lva Tolstogo St, 9 min from metro station Universitet.

63 apartments, underground parking, 48 lots.

Situated in business and historical part of Kiev, in close proximity to Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Kreshatik St, near Central Botanical gardens.

Great views on the city centre and central parks. 

Available apartments:


Renaissance Residence

Address: Pechersky district, 7-10, 4, Novoselitskaya St., Dobrolubova St. Six houses, 78 apartments, underground parking, 156 lots, protected territory, panoramic views of the magnificent Botanical Gardens and domes of Kiev Lavra Churches.

The front has an incredibly pleasant architecture, decorated with natural stone and brick handmade. the hall is decorated with marble, has a fireplace, lounge area and a winter garden. The infrastructure includes a restaurant lounges and a playground for children.



Arch House

Address: Shevchenkovsky district, 2, Pirogova St./37b, Khmelnitskogo St, 4 min from metro station Universitet. 

40 apartments, 42 parking lots  

Situated in business centre of the capital, not far from all central metro stations, Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Kreshatik St .

The house is literally surrounded by the best historical sights of Kiev.

Built in the best traditions of architectural classics with the use of innovative technologies, it’s both modern and aristocratic.



PecherSKY Housing Complex

Address: Pechersky district, 2, Strutinskogo St./40, Druzhby Narodiv blvd. 219 apartments, 285 parking lots, 8 min from metro station Druzhby Narodiv.

Advantages: 300 square meters large and 7 metres high luxuries guest lounge hall, 13 silent high-speed elevators «KONE», 4 level parking with elevator , 285 parking spaces  and guest parking, courtyard with total area of ​​5000 m2, football and basketball courts, 24/7 engineering staff.

Available apartments:



Pechersk Hills Residence

Address: Pechersky district, 28-32, Michurina St. 24 apartments, 44 parking slots.

Situated in a picturesque place on Zverinetz hills, surrounded by National Botanical gardens, Kiev Lavra and the Dnieper river. Great views both on right and left Kiev.

Infrastructure: playground, gym, swimming pool, hammam, outdoor tennis court.



Ambassador House

Address: Shevchenkovsky district, 4b, Ivana Franko St.

3 minutes from Zoloti Vorota and Universitet metro stations.

48 apartments, underground parking.

Infrastructure: a pool, a congress hall, spa, restaurants, security, underground parking, indoor courtyard, magnificent view on the Vladimir's Cathedral Dome.

The complex is situated in the city centre, surrounded by historical sights of Kiev, best cafes and restaurants, theatres and shopping malls.

Available apartments:




Reviera Riverside

Address: Dniprovsky district, 18, Rajisy Okipnoj St, 9 minutes from metro station Levobereznaya.

201 apartments, underground parking.

Located on the left bank of the Dniepro river, it can boast of spectacular views on the right bank of Kiev and nearby green islands. It has a very convenient transport connection, there are many cafes, shopping malls, cinema and a famous Kiev exhibition center nearby.



Zverinetsky Housing Complex

Address: Pechersky district, 47, Zverinetskaya St, 10 min from Vidubichi metro station. 71 apartments, 60 parking lots.

Situated in close proximity to the National Botanical Garden, the complex combines combination of city center life comfort and surrounding nature. Its construction uses the latest high quality materials and is decorated with natural stone, marble and wood. Central air conditioning and individually controlled heating and  hot water allows residents to choose their own comfortable climate.

Infrastructure: playground, fitness,  spa complex with sauna and swimming pool, beauty salon, cafes, shops.


Diamant Housing Complex

Address: Shevchenko district, 27b, Taras Shevchenko blvd,8 min from Universitet metro station.104 apartments, 126 parking slots.

Infrastructure: a hall, 24/7 security, underground parking, yard, playground.

It’s situated in business historical and fashion centre of the capital. Built from the latest high-quality materials, this house can stay for centuries. From your windows you will see magnificent views on the Vladimir's Cathedral Dome, Central Botanical garden and all Kiev downtown.

Kapitolij Housing complex

Address: Shevchenkovsky district, 27b, Khreshatik St.,

2 min from metro stations Khreshatik and Teatralnaya

48 apartments, underground parking, spacious entrance hall.

The residential complex is located on Khreshatik street, main street of the capital, heart of Kiev cultural and business life. Over the past 50 years this is the first new house built on the central street.

Available apartments:



Pechersk Crown Housing Complex

Address: Pechersky district; 28a, Panasa Mirnoho St., metro station Klovska

Class: business, built in 2005

Material: Brick

Underground parking, playground.

Closed territory, 24/7 security.



7, Klovsky descent

16-storeyed office building, 238 apartments with magnificent views, 250 parking spaces. Apartments from 80 to 600 sq. m, offices from 45 to 1700 sq.m.

Stained glass, helipad, high-speed elevators Sigma. 24/7 security, concierge service, separate entrances to residential and commercial areas, multi-level underground parking, Italian restaurant Bigoli.



5, Klovsky descent

Pechersky district, metro station Klovska.

 Luxury house, built in 2004.

Underground parking, big entrance hall with security.

Material: ceramic bricks. Apartments with own ventilation and heating system.

24/7 security area.

Available apartments:


5/24, Irininskaya St.

Shevchenko district,  near the Golden Gates Square.

Luxury house on Sophia Square. Surrounded by main cultural and historical Kiev places - St. Michael's Cathedral, Sophia Square, Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.

16 floors, built in 2005, ceiling height - 3 m.

Underground parking with elevator, 24/7 security, concierge, big entrance hall.

Available apartments:



14, Patorzhinskogo St.

Shevchenko district,  near the Golden Gates Square.

Luxury house in historical part of the city.

Built in 2002, 14 floors, ceiling height 3 m, underground parking with lift.

There are three-level penthouses with terraces and two-level apartments.

Available apartments:





Lipskaya Tower Housing Complex

Address: 28a, Institutskaya St., Pechersky district

Metro station Khreshchatyk, Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Built in 2010, material: brick

Central air conditioning, two-level parking,  fitness center, SPA, swimming pool, security, checkpoint in the yard, situated near the Marrinsky park.




The H-Tower

Complex combines 78 apartments and the Hilton Hotel

16 and 25 floors;

1,2,3,4 and duplex apartments are available

Apartment sizes:  130 – 265 sq.m.

Address: 28-30, Taras Shevchenko blvd, in the very city centre.

Material: brick. Technology: monolithic frame. Individual water supply, heating.



7b, Lesi Ukrainky, St.

Address: Pechersky district, the very city center, close proximity to cultural, social and business life of kiev.

358 apartments in new beautiful comfortable building.

16 floors, underground parking with 246 slots. 1,2,3,4-room apartments from 44 to 200 and more sq.m.

Material: brick. Construction type: monolith-brick. Ceilings: 3 m high.

Available apartments:


Triumph Housing Complex

 Address: 59, Zverinetskaya St., Pechersky district.

In close proximity to the National Botanical gardens.

Large complex consisting of 3 blocks and 207 apartments on 25 floors; there are 1,2,3,4 – room apartments and duplexes, penthouses.

Technology: monolithic frame. Ceilings: 3 m high. Material: brick.